Feeling liberated with In Bloom Yoga

I just recently moved to the Utica area, and as a yogi, naturally the first thing I did was seek out yoga classes. I was thri...Read More

Episode #105 – Doug & Jason (Bite Bakery & Cafe)

Between the Nation’s Capital and the Nature Boy, It’s been a rather surreal week for your favorite podcasters. Welcome back, ...Read More

10 Things to Watch for at Boilermaker 40

Ahhh…It’s that time of year again and we’ve got a bad case of the runs. Get it? Race pun. The Boilermaker i...Read More

Meow-Maste Yoga

Full Lotus Yoga held its first ever Meow-Maste Cat Yoga class this past weekend to benefit the Humane Society of Rome. Humane...Read More

Episode #104 – Genesee Joe

We were feeling very strong about reaching Our 2-year mark, True Believers. Then our guest showed up to give us a change in p...Read More

E.T. at Franklin Square

Get ready for a sweet adventure this Saturday with E.T. at the Franklin Square Film Series! And of course, Made In Utica is b...Read More

Episode #103 – Sarah Foster (Oneida County Tourism)

What a week, in this wild world we inhabit, True Believers. Maybe, it’s the heat, or maybe it’s the full moon. Either way; le...Read More

Episode #102 – Tony Thompson

Play this podcast as frequently as possible
. Then, as it becomes easier for you
, play this podcast once a day. Or, you know...Read More

Episode #101 – Apache Chief & CASSIDI (All Eyes)

The milestones are over with for a bit, True Believers. I guess you can call this our “return to normalcy” episode. Welcome b...Read More

Woman’s Day at the Range

Saturday, May 20th marked the third year for Trenton Triggers Women’s Day at The Range at Trenton Fish & Game Club in Hol...Read More

Episode #100 – Joe Marino

It’s been a real pleasure doing this show, True Believers. That being said, content never sleeps. So, here’s to 100 more!! We...Read More

This Dog is the Coolest Cat I Know

Saturday was supposed to be the biggest day ever for Made In Utica. That’s saying a lot. We’ve done awards and recognitions, ...Read More

Back To Franklin Square

The power of love is a curious thing. Make a one man weep, make another man sing. Join us this Saturday for a jam packed afte...Read More

Episode #99 – The Great Movie Show (Nomad Cinema and Tom Kundsen)

Great Scott!!! Are you trying to tell me the Franklin Square Film Festival starts next week? Oh man, this is heavy, True Beli...Read More

Episode #98 – The Carrie Bostick Farewell Show

It’s a bittersweet podcast for sure, true believers. But take heart!! The end of one story is just the beginning of another. ...Read More

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