Meet The Bands: Downtown Getdown Music Showcase

We loved The DEV and we love Tim Schram so of course we love whatever he does. His latest venture is P2 Shows, a booking and ...Read More

Zagster and Utica Team Up for Getdown

Zagster, the City of Utica and Made In Utica have teamed up to provide easy access to bike sharing for this Saturday’s ...Read More

Who The F Is Gibbz & Why Is He Coming To Utica

You’ve probably heard, our Downtown Getdown is this weekend. We’ve got stuff going on all day, a sweet Alley Shop...Read More

What to know about recycling in Utica

Recyclables set out for public collection shall be set at curbside at such times, dates and pickup points as determined by th...Read More

Half Moon Blind Taste Test

Who makes the better half moon, Holland Farms or Hemstrought’s Bakeries? A few of us at Made In Utica did a blind taste...Read More

A Quick “Snack” at Gerber’s 1933 Tavern

Happy Friday, Uticans!  It’s hard to believe July is almost over and we’re getting in the homestretch of summer.  There’s sti...Read More

The Problem With a $50 Utica Parking Ticket

I remember my first Utica parking ticket.

How To Watch (Kinda) Free TV in Utica

The original article was first posted on October 27, 2015. Portions of this article have been rewritten. I haven’t paid...Read More

3 Things that happened in Utica first

THIS ARTICLE WAS ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED ON DECEMBER 17, 2014 If all you knew about Utica was through an op-ed article written b...Read More

Mead Made Locally

There is a nice new wine trend that is about to happen. Some say it is more like wine, others like beer, but in looking at th...Read More

Hank and Cupcakes Thrill at Nail Creek

Everyone loves cupcakes so who doesn’t love Hank & Cupcakes! The electro pop pair who currently call Atlanta, Georgia hom...Read More

Feeling liberated with In Bloom Yoga

I just recently moved to the Utica area, and as a yogi, naturally the first thing I did was seek out yoga classes. I was thri...Read More

MWPAI Art Festival Inspires All

Between dodging rain drops almost every day this past week I was able make it to Munson Williams Proctor Arts Institute Arts ...Read More

What to Know About the Utica Passport

Wow, we’ve somehow made it to the 4th Utica Passport. It’s our flagship, really. Without it we probably aren̵...Read More

5 Facts About Our 5 Films Under The Stars You Didn’t Know

The Franklin Square Film Series Returns in 2017 Have you heard? We’re making outdoor movies the hip thing to do again t...Read More

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